Custom Trim Work Jamison PA

Jamison PA Custom Trim Work


Nothing adds more character to your home like custom trim work.  Custom Trim Work compliments the paint in your home and brings your homes interior to the next level.  Just like paint, when it comes to custom trim work, there are many styles to choose from.  Changing the paint in your home is the perfect time to add things like, crown moulding, coffered ceilings, shadow boxing, ceiling beams, wainscoating, raised paneling, chair rails, custom mantles etc.  Oftentimes, new home builders charge outrageous prices to add these appointments to your home!  We make custom trim work as affordable as possible!  Upon consultation, we will take you through the entire process and design the home interior that you have always wanted!  Contact us for a FREE, No Hassle Paint & Trim Consultation Today!


Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Crown Moulding


Crown moulding takes any home to the next level in terms of creating a luxurious and refined design.

Whether you choose traditional or modern styles, you opt for opulence or simplicity, or you choose natural wood, painted or stained products, or other materials, crown moulding can help you express your personal style and turn the average, cookie-cutter home interior into a work of art.  The addition of crown moulding to your home not only beautifies your home, it increases it's overall value.  We have many crown moulding designs to choose from that will bring any home back to life.  We create custom crown moulding designs that fit any style or budget.  Call us today for a consultation.  We will help you add a touch of class and sophistication to your home with custom crown moulding.



Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Chair Rails


Chair Rail not only adds beauty to your home it also stops chairs from damaging your walls and paint. Chair rail also adds balance to a room and can take a dull space to the next level.  Coupled with crown moulding, shadowboxes, coffered ceilings etc. your home will take on a new personality and style. When you enter a room with chair rail and other appointments, it makes the space look balanced and feel comfortable and inviting. With chair rail you can also be creative with paint.  You have the option of choosing different shades of paint for above and below the chair rail.  This adds character and visual appeal to any room.  We have many examples of how we use chair rail to enhance the beauty of your home.  Don't worry yourself about design.  We assist you every step of the way when it comes to intricate projects involving custom trim such as chair rails.



Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Ceiling Beams


Adding Beams to your homes ceiling are becoming a popular addition to home renovation projects!  Beams can be easily added to flat or vaulted surfaces to give your home that new look that you have been dreaming about. When it comes to adding beams to your ceilings you have many options.  You may prefer a more rustic appearance by adding reclaimed wood ceiling beams or you may want a more modern painted ceiling beam look.  No matter what your style, BuxMont Painting can make it happen! By installing beams, you add depth, and visual interest to your home! View our photo gallery for examples of how adding beams beautify your home!


Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Wainscoating


Wainscoating can fully transform a room and give it personality.  Wainscoating protects your walls and beautifies the dullest of rooms.  We offer wainscoating services in addition to all of painting services.  Wainscoating will protect your paint and give you that classic feel that you have always wanted in your home! But it doesn’t have to all function and no form. If done right, wainscoting is a stylish way to add interest to even the dullest of rooms.


Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Coffered Ceilings


Coffered ceilings are a great way to add character and depth to your homes overall decor.  We specialize in custom coffered ceilings that compliment your paint choices.  We suggest adding coffered ceilings to dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms & kitchens to give your home a unique and stately look/feel.  The addition of coffered ceilings ads significant value to your home and if/when you try to sell your home will give it a competitive edge.


Coffered ceilings, or those that feature sunken panels, add a wow factor to your home.  Eyes are automatically drawn to ceilings that feature custom trim work. They can make even the dullest of dining rooms or kitchens appear richer and more ornate. We typically pair our coffered ceilings with the right paint colors to make them really pop!  BuxMont can help you transform any room with a beautiful, custom coffered ceiling. All you have to do is contact us for a consultation.



Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Raised Paneling


Raised Paneling is a way to add texture to your walls.  Let us help you design and install raised paneling to give the rooms in your home extra added character. Raised paneling can create illusions of recessed portions on your walls. You can arrange paneling in a number of configurations to give your walls that one-of-a-kind look and feel.  Raised paneling can cover portions of your walls or in some instances you can cover your entire walls with raised paneling!  Raised paneling is a simple sophisticated way to highlight a single wall or change the look of an entire room!



Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Columns


No matter if your home has columns or you would like to add them, we can get the job done.  We specialize is updating your homes columns, with custom painting, shadowboxing etc. We also specialize in adding them to your some to give your space a personality. Custom columns can help you add separation to a room, hide necessary structural support beams (mostly in basements) or simply add a beautiful focal point to multiple rooms in your home.  We specialize in the updating and addition of columns outside your home as well as throughout your homes interior.  We have installed columns in foyers, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement etc.  In your design consultation we can explore options for columns.



Custom Trim Work Jamison PA - Custom Fireplace Mantels


At BuxMont we have worked with fireplaces of all sizes and styles.  We specialize in fireplace transformations with custom fireplace mantles.  In today's homes with open floor plans fireplaces are the focal point of great rooms.  In new homes, builders often give base model gas fireplaces with no mantles in these great rooms that connect the family room and kitchen.  Televisions are typically placed over fireplaces without mantles, which can cause damage to the TV.  Heat from the fireplace travels upward and essentially heats up your television set, which can cause major issues.  Adding a fireplace mantle no only brings style to your home, but also protects your expensive electronics.  Along with protecting your items, mantles are also good for showcasing photos, holiday decor, keepsakes etc. No matter what the reason for adding a fireplace mantle we have you covered and we will make it custom to fit your specific needs.




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