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Pipersville PA Exterior Painting

First thing you should know when our professionals enter your home; we treat it as our own. Rest easy knowing as soon as we enter the door you will be dealing directly with BuxMont Painting’s owner (who has 26 years of individual experience). He and his staff will go the extra mile from the initial consultation through the job’s completion. Expect are staff to be courteous, arrive on time, respect your home and keep the work area neat.


We use high-quality Sherwin Williams paint (or a preferred paint of your choosing), top-quality brushes, the right tools and equipment to ensure the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We recognize that attention to detail is a must and will take the necessary steps to protect your home and personal belongings before our brushes ever meet your home.


Selecting a paint color can be a difficult decision considering there are thousands to choose from. Our expert staff will assist you in picking out the best color for your home according to your wishes. With the paint selected, we will guide you throughout the project and review everything to ensure your expectations are met with 100% satisfaction.


Our Exterior Painting Services in Pipersville PA

BuxMont Painting specializes in a wide variety of Exterior Painting services, including (but not limited to);


• Windows and Window Casings

• Stucco

• Shutters

• Pillars

• Railings

• Doors

• Fences

Remember – exterior painting must be maintained and updated regularly to ensure your home makes the best first impression and retains its curb appeal.


"BuxMont Painting is a third-generation company with 88 years of cumulative experience!"


BuxMont Painting is a third-generation company with 88 years of cumulative experience. We are proud to serve our homeowners, who keep coming back for all their painting needs as well as recommending us to their friends. We get the job done right the first time, on schedule and with the utmost care for your home and belongings.


FREE, No Obligation Painting Consult!


Contact us today for your FREE, no-obligation painting consult. When it comes to hiring an interior painter, trust in BuxMont Painting Company – servicing Bucks and Montgomery Counties for 88 years.



Our Steps to Exterior Painting Pipersville PA


We take the necessary steps to prepare your home for an exterior painting project.  Proper steps must be taken to ensure that the job is completed and that it will last for years to come.  All too often, homeowners either try and do the job themselves or they hire a sub-par contractor to complete the work.  In these scenarios, the exterior painting project is never completed the right way.  Before you or anyone else put a roller or brush to your homes exterior, contact us for a FREE, No hassle estimate.  We will educate you on how the exterior of your home is painted the right way.  We are affordable and will complete the job on time and within your budget.  We take the right steps to ensure the success of an exterior painting project.


Prepping the Surface for Exterior Painting in Pipersville PA


Before repainting a home, BuxMont Painting inspects the exterior walls and trim for chipping, peeling, mildew and other areas that may be problematic. We remove mildew and the like by pressure cleaning the desired area to ensure paint is applied to a problem free surface.


Caulk and Patchwork for Exterior Painting Pipersville PA


Before we ever pick up a paint roller, we make sure to caulk and patch & seal cracks, joints where exterior materials meets one another. These areas typically include window frames, door frames, moldings etc.


For stucco surfaces we check for pitting, chipping etc. and patch them with new stucco.  We always allow any new stucco to allow time to cure for the best possible painting results.  In instances with wood siding and boards, we check the exterior for any rotting and sand these areas to prep the surface, so the new paint will adhere properly to the exterior of your home.


Prime the Exterior of Your Home-Exterior Painting Pipersville PA


In order to take the exterior painting job to the next level priming with a sealant is necessary.  Sealer helps the paint to adhere to your homes exterior properly.  Paint will jot stick to surfaces that are dusty, so we take the proper steps to remove dirt and dust and follow up with a quality sealant to prep the job the right way.


Choosing Paint for Exterior Painting in Pipersville PA


We only work with the highest quality paint for your home's exterior.  Exterior paint should be 100 percent acrylic latex. The reason for this is because it has the proper pigments, binders and solvents to ensure the best possible results.  Your homes exterior needs to withstand the elements, especially in this part of the country.


Color Choices for Exterior Painting in Pipersville PA


Just like the inside of your home, there are many exterior paint colors to choose from!  Choosing the right paint color for curb appeal is ever more frustrating that interior paint choices because this is the FIRST thing people see!  Before choosing a color, try driving through your area and look at homes that you like and then follow that same color pallet.  We will also guide you on paint choice at your consultation to ensure you choose the right paint for your homes exterior!


Be sure to consider the overall style of your home and neighborhood.  Choosing a color that compliments your roofing, siding etc. will narrow your choices down and make it easier to pick the right color!


Spray and Roll Method for Exterior Painting in Pipersville PA


In order to paint your homes exterior the right way we use the spray and back-roll method.  Our trained staff will apply your new paint only after the exterior has been prepped the right way.  We only use the highest quality paint and tools when painting the exterior of your home.  We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and have painted 1000's of homes throughout the local area. We ensure that the exterior of your home is painted properly and want your home to be a testimonial of our work.  We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality product at affordable rates!


Finishing Touches to Exterior Painting Pipersville PA


The last steps to your overall exterior painting job is to paint doors, shutters, window casings, columns and other details of your homes exterior. Finishing touches are what really brings the exterior painting project to the next level.  It essentially brings the entire project together and to a close.  We are dedicated to making your homes exterior something that the neighbors will be talking about.  Your homes exterior is the first thing people see, so why not make it stand out with modern painting and trim!


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